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Grants Program – ANSA Arab World

Grants Program

The purpose of ANSA –AW regional grants facility is to support the ANSA-AW member civil society organizations (CSOs) in their strategic initiatives for increasing participatory civic engagement in public policy processes by implementing and using social accountability tools at both national and local levels to bring transparency and effectiveness to public institutions for improved public services.

ANSA-AW grant facility will be operating in 7 Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, Tunis and Morocco). The grant scheme is a means for achieving the ANSA-AW objectives through financial, technical and capacity development support to grantee CSOs. The grants provide a funding opportunity throughout 2013 and 2014 to member CSOs to develop and implement social accountability initiatives in their respective countries. Funds will be allocated to projects that contribute to the achievement of ANSA-AW’s objectives and thus seek to enhance citizens’ civic engagement in public policy process through the application of social accountability mechanisms and tools in the Arab World with the aim of monitoring and evaluating the quality of public services, strengthening budget transparency, advocating for access to information and promoting freedom of association.

ANSA-AW regional grant facility will provide a flexible mechanism that allows CSOs to implement innovative approaches for government-citizen constructive engagement and generating new forms of knowledge that are fundamental to enhance social accountability practices across the region. The ANSA-AW grants will support implementation of 2 types of initiatives:

1. Innovative initiatives for fostering a network of CSOs to support collaborative efforts and engagement with their governments to exchange knowledge and identify opportunities for collaboration in strengthening good governance – via social accountability for improved transparency, public sector accountability and public service delivery. The issue-based networks will enhance the CSOs’ credibility and stature when planning, designing and applying any social accountability tools to advance their members, the larger community, and in support of broader policy reforms. Such coalitions will support ANSA-AW members interested in lodging collective grant applications.

2. Innovative initiatives for enhancing the capacity of ANSA-AW member CSOs to be able to implement social accountability mechanisms and tools in one or more of the ANSA-AW pillars :

  • Access to information
  • Budget Transparency
  • Freedom of Association
  • Service Delivery (Community/Citizen-led monitoring of public services)

Applicant CSOs are encouraged to use and apply more than one or more social accountability tools including advocacy and lobbying, community scorecard, Citizens Report Card, social audit, public hearing sessions and information and technology techniques.