Promoting Social Accountability in the Arab World

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Call for Consulting firm for developing Social Accountability Action Plans in the Arab World

8/10/2015 4:09:51 PM This  call will support the newly established ANSA NGO in its eff... More

Call for Consultancy Services

7/12/2015 10:02:34 AM This is a call for independent national & regional consultants to ... More

Grant Opportunity: (GPSA) Call for Proposals

5/24/2015 9:10:00 AM The Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) has announced ... More

"الاعلان عن الورشة الاقليمية الاولى "تدريب المدربين

4/14/2015 2:21:55 PM   تعلن السكرتاريا التنفيذية لشبكة المساءلة الاجتماعية عن بدء قبو... More